"Empowerment Through Education"


Established in 2008, Life-Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating disadvantaged children in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).   Since our creation over ten years ago, Life-Hope's educational scholarship program has provided a free quality education to over 150 local children, constructed a community school for centralized learning, sponsored a variety of community development projects, and donated numerous pedagogical supplies to encourage the developmental success of every student.  


Life-Hope Primary School
Located in Kiswishi, a small village 35 km from Lubumbashi, the Life-Hope Primary school caters principally to orphans and other disadvantaged youth.  Our tuition-free program, based on the Congolese curriculum, educates 150 children annually from the 1st through to 6th grade. 

Trade Skills Program
Life-Hope's Skills Training Center trains mothers and widows to economically support their families and community.  Our past successes have focused on basket- weaving production, while our current program targets the production and monetization of soap-making, skin moisturizers and fabric design.  

Life-Hope is an officially registered non-governmental organization in the following countries:

Norway (# 912629279)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (#088/130/2014)

Geneva (

Life-Hope Governing Board

President: Aimee Paulsen

Vice President Tove Beate

Finance: Kabungo Lutonde

Advisor: Nina Jensen

Advisor: Cesar Augustus

Advisor: Sarah Akolor

Advisor: Ando Rasolfoniaina

For more information: [email protected]
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