About us

We are a nonprofit organisation established in 2008, located in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Since its creation, Life-Hope has been dedicated to the education of vulnerable children. Life-Hope started as a scholarship program and has expanded to provide quality education to more than 148 students in the 2016-2017 school year.  In 2014, Life-Hope constructed a school in order to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged children, many of them are war-displaced orphans. Life-Hope’s is dedicated to the well being of all their students.  Life-Hope assist in connecting children with their relatives so that children have permanent housing, ensuring all students have the necessary supplies to be successful in school (i.e. books, pencils, etc.), as well as sponsoring various community development projects.

Life-Hope is  officially registered in Norway under the Number 912629279 and in Congo under 088/130/2014. And is also registered in Geneva, Ref/

As part of the formal registration process a number of requirements were fulfilled including the establishment of a governing board. The board currently consist of 

The Life Hope volunteer Board

President: Aimee Paulsen

Vice president Tove Beate

Finance: Kabungo Lutonde

Advisor: Nina Jensen

Advis0r: Cesar Augustus

Advisor: Sarah Akolor

Advisor: Ando rasolfoniaina

For more information on address and all, contact [email protected]

Life-Hope is founded on the belief that ensuring the welfare of underprivileged people, giving and sharing is a global responsibility. Life-hope is based on the appreciation of the uniqueness but commonality between the cultures and people of the world as well as the connection that we all have as humans. Our goal is to provide education and ensure the wellbeing of orphaned children and their surrounding, by providing them a good learning environment. 
By observing influential documents such as "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "The Rome Statute", etc. we see that the question of people's wellbeing is one of humanity's principal concern. In order to do its part, the Life-Hope community will donate whatever it can achieve to aid orphaned children, helpless mothers, widows, and widower, and the elderly who take care of the orphans.


Caring Communities

The caring of those in need is a communal effort. We at Life-Hope believe this idea to be central to our work and it is the underlying concept to all of our projects. While our main concern is for the education and care of orphans and underprivileged children, we also wish to touch the lives of children who are lucky enough to be able to share their lives and experiences with those who may not have the same opportunities. By raising the awareness of our local communities about the state of children all over the globe we can see where there is a need for hope and try our best to provide it. By hosting a simple party, collecting loose change, or even buying a book, you can be a part of an effort to make some very big changes in the lives of young children who may not have the opportunity to have new school supplies or even clean drinking water.

Life-Hope believes that by helping these young children get a good education and feel safe in their environment that they can grow up to play major roles in their families and communities. If you feel the same then we encourage you to get involved at whatever level you are able to. While we highly encourage donations and sponsors for our projects, there are many ways that you can get involved with our work.

Many of us forget that some of the simplest things in our lives are luxuries to those who have nothing. Join us as we strive to ensure that young children in some of the poorest areas have basic living supplies and access to education.